Certified Consultants Ltd. is active in all aspects of site sustainability and water management solutions. Our concentrations include:

Irrigation / Mechanical Systems

Irrigation System Design/Construction Management/User Training
Full development of water management designs for the landscape, which could include existing site evaluations, full designs and specification, construction management services, water use development plans, long term system management plan development, and warranty period audits.
Water Level Management System Design
Development of automated water level management systems that coordinate levels between basin, ponds, lakes, water storage facilities, and more. Water removal and additions to these systems are also a factor in plans that will protect the environment and site amenities.
Water Recirculation & Movement System Design
Development of water recirculation and movement systems that will create unique site water features and/or allow for the routing and placement of harvested or collected water from other sources
Automated Pump Systems & Control Design
Design of automated pump systems for an assortment of water management functions within the horticultural environment which could include flow management, pressurized systems, pump transfer systems, and related controls and safeties
Central Control Systems for Water Management Systems
Design & development of central control systems for the automation of systems in all facets of water management. Central Control Systems could include the management of water sources, liquid level monitoring, system malfunctions, emergency shutdown, moisture monitoring, scheduling of devices and other reporting functions
Sustainable Water Management

Water Harvesting System Design
Site evaluations of storm water routings and usage, existing waterway routings, water route channeling, water quality and storage design, automated controls, and plan development for water usage in green spaces, buildings, and other site areas
Rain Water Collection System Design
Development of rain water collection through the design of collection systems, pipe routings, water storage, water quality, automated controls and plan development for water usage in green spaces, in buildings and other site areas
Green Roof Water Management System Design
Development of water management systems that will properly coordinate water use within the unique plant-soil-water spectrum of Green Roof Design and installation

Team & Employee Development / Technical Writing

Water Management Teams & Employee Development
There is Assessment of irrigation departments nationwide or locally as to how well teams are being developed and trained in the art of water management. Once assessments are completed we will report on the best long-term plan for training and development of individual teams and national teams.
Individualized Water Management System-Management Processes Development
Working within water management teams locally and nationally in the development of processes and tracking materials for the enhancement development and field data collection
Technical Writing & Training Document Development
Technical papers and training tools for local and national teams
Auditing & Review Process

Landscape Sustainability Audits (LSA)
Full horticultural auditing related to soil type, plant material and placement, and micro-climate, as well as full water use detailing for existing systems. When complete, the client will receive a long-range plan to enhance the site horticulturally. In the end, when recommendations are followed, soil health will improve, plant material growth will be more sustainable, and water use will be reduced.
Water Management System Audits (WMA)
Water management system auditing related to water use in the landscape. It is similar to the LSA above but with the primary focus being on the overall water use and with a secondary focus on the soil and plants themselves. Results will include a detailed report on the best scenario for water use reduction and a plan for efficient use in the future.
Site Operational Reviews & Site Assessments
Full assessment of site needs, troubleshooting, and specific analysis of troubled areas. Reporting will be provided with recommended changes or improvements
Water Feature Design

Waterfall & Water Feature Designs
Decorative Site Features that meet the aesthetic needs of the site and provide for the best controls and pump functions
Custom Fountain Feature Designs
Decorative Site Water Fountain Features that meet the aesthetic need of the site and provide for the best controls and pumping functions
Aquatic Habitat Services

Aquatic Habitat Assessment & Renovation Plan Development
Full detailed studies of the aquatic environment with the focus on needed biological redevelopment due to damages caused by site maturity and decline
Scuba Diving Services
Cleaning of pump intakes, study of underwater structures and habitats, plus more detailed functions.