Project Overviews

Cyntheanne Park (Fishers, IN)

Certified Consultants reviewed a deteriorating pond and related mechanical systems at Cyntheanne Park. We sampled water and sediment, measured water and sediment depths, and made observations regarding shoreline erosion, aquatic ecology, and shoreline planting integrity. Bathymetry data was also collected.

These analyses were conducted for possible sediment development activities. They gave us a comprehensive understanding of the biological balances currently in place and we determined how to best install improvements for the self-sustainability of this pond system.

Cultural Trail (Indianapolis, IN)

The Cultural Trail is a world-class urban bike and pedestrian path in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. It connects neighborhoods, cultural districts, and entertainment amenities, while serving as the downtown hub for Central Indiana’s vast greenway system.

Certified Consultants performed a Landscape Sustainability Audit (LSA) on the greenway and developed a plan to solve plant growth issues and make the system sustainable.

We completed weekly monitoring and measuring of soil moisture, salt development, and root depths, as well as a quarterly analysis of the urban effects on plant materials, and a soil texture review.

Gaylord Palms Resort (Orlando, FL)

Using our expertise, we provided a full site audit related to soil health, plant health, and water use. From our irrigation system analysis, we created reports and recommendations, along with a 5-year plan for redevelopment.

Our audit concluded that the existing irrigation system at Gaylord Palms was unsatisfactory because it did not meet specific plant requirements and it was quickly deteriorating as it had not been properly cared for over the years.

Gaylord Palms needed a team that would be willing to rethink, prepare, redesign, and rebuild the irrigation system for future growth and sustainability.

River Ridge Gateway (Jeffersonville, IN)

River Ridge is an industrial office complex under development on the Indiana-side of the Ohio River near Jeffersonville.

Management is investing in thousands of acres of development for River Ridge and is building a grand entry area that includes lakes, waterfalls, islands, pathways and more. Certified Consultants currently assists in the planning and design of this site.

St. James Members Club (St. James, NC)

Certified Consultants completed an assessment report and determined that major irrigation redesign was needed at St. James.

We recommended that they stop the one size fits all-golf irrigation design process, treat topography issues directly and accurately, use only sprinklers that meet soil intake rates closely, combine unique combinations of sprinklers to meet each fairway issue, and utilize moisture sensing.

Landmark Office Complex (Carmel, IN)

Certified Consultants designed the aeration system for this site in conjunction with the aquatic habitat, fisheries, and shoreline plantings.

In addition to the design of the aquatic pond system, we are heavily involved in the monitoring of the sediment collections within this pond system for the city of Carmel. We conduct monthly site and aeration system reviews in order to have a full picture on the pond balances, water use, and more.

Kar Global (Carmel, IN)

Our team did a full biological study of the soils on the site. Once our studies were complete, we were able to inform Kar about the best soil to utilize, how to store it, and how to get it biologically stimulated and placed back on the site after construction. We provided Kar with a soil structure that encourages sustainability, plant health, and nutritional balances.

A pond system was designed for the retention of site water. Certified Consultants designed all the habitats, fisheries, and biological life systems for this pond. We included shoreline planting designs for nutrient intact and balanced wildlife populations, as well as aeration systems for oxygen.

South Street Square (Indianapolis, IN)

Certified Consultants provided irrigation system designs from our understanding of the soil biology, microclimates, exposure, and plant types in this location. We carefully considered how to plan each area using the proper plant and water requirements and then were able to delivered water accordingly.

Typically, our designs use 50% less water than most projects, provide for healthy air space within the soils, and encourage deeper root systems that require less water each year.

Our designs included a booster pump station that provided the appropriate pressure on a per zone basis and was able to modify speed to meet requirements. This pump station could be monitored remotely and adjusted from a computer or phone.

Grand Park (Westfield, IN)

This 400-acre campus features 26 baseball and softball diamonds, 31 multipurpose fields, and two indoor facilities for a variety of sports.

Certified Consultants' primary duties on this project included personnel training for the new park, and management of the soils and equipment to be used in the development of the outdoor areas.

We held weekly training sessions for the water management team, educating them on maintenance practices such as equipment selection, soil and moisture management, central control system operations, and pump station adjustments.