Past Projects

Cultural Trail -- Indianapolis Based Urban Bio Swale Project

The Cultural Trail is an 8-mile world-class urban bike and pedestrian path in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  The Indianapolis Cultural Trail connects neighborhoods, cultural districts, and entertainment amenities, and serves as the downtown hub for central Indiana’s vast Greenway system. Through the management and monitoring of sustainable development, Several areas along the trail were suffering from a loss of plant material and tough soil.  Certified Consultants determined that the primary issue was the negative reaction between the soil and the plants, which was causing the sandy sediment to become firm and choke the roots.  Our team developed a sustainability plan to rectify the issue and prevent it from happening again.  The project plan consisted of the following items:

  • Weekly monitoring and measuring of soil moisture, salt development, and root depths
  • Quarterly analysis of the urban effects on plant materials
  • Monitoring the irrigation system
  • Completing a soil texture review and testing the nutrient holding capacities

Grand Park -- 60 Field Sports Complex

The 400-acre Grand Park Sports Campus features 26 baseball and softball diamonds, 31 multipurpose fields for soccer, football, rugby, field hockey and lacrosse as well as two indoor facilities to accommodate year-round play for a variety of sports. Certified Consultants' primary duties on this project included personnel training for the new park as well as the development of a process for the site's sustainability. While on this project Certified Consultants held weekly training session for the water management team, teaching maintenance practices such as:

  • Proper equipment selection
  • Equipment maintenance techniques
  • Central control system training and operations
  • Soil type and moisture management
  • Aquatic management reviews
  • Pump station adjustments and training

Vincennes Indiana -- Wabash River Levy Project

Project is developed around the need to add a levy near the Wabash River that will affect an existing irrigation system, archeological site, and national monument.

  • Water Management AUDIT—1934 Sprinkler System (in Levy area)
    • On top of the First Fort Knox
      • On top of the site of a British Fort
    • New Irrigation system designs to meet multiple agency requirements

Monsanto -- Puerto Rico Green House Project 

The Puerto Rico Green House project consisted of a full research study that determined the necessary build for crop development. Certified Consultants implemented a fertigation system that was related to greenhouse water and nutritional needs:

  • 3 distinct crop development areas
    • Water delivery
    • Fertigation delivery system
    • Water distribution elements (micro sprays, drip, and more)
    • Filtration and purification Systems

Arnett Hospital

Large hospital complex in Lafayette IN where the ownership has Certified Consultants:

  • Landscape Sustainability AUDIT (LSA)—Existing System
    • Full plant/soil/water site assessment and audit
      • Full reports with 5 year plan-saving 40 K in water costs
    • Landscape Sustainability AUDIT (LSA)—Newly installed system
      • Full plant/soil/water site assessment and audit
        • Full reports with 5 year plan currently under development

Master Card Facility -- Aquatic Habitat Study

Property Management team had Certified Consultant perform a full water mgmt. study for the purposes of:

  • Verification of water quality, fish populations and overall habitat life cycles
  • Measurement and testing of sediment development, depths and quality
  • Confirming that this pond system is aquatically balanced and water holding capacities were where the city requires water holding capacities to be.

KEAY Park -- Waterfall, Pump Station Review and Aquatic Habitat Review

Parks Department had Certified Consultants review functions related to the waterfall, pumps and aquatic habitat and develop a plan for upgrades and redevelopment of a 30 year old site.

  • Pump Station analysis along with electrical reviews
  • Waterfall system study
  • Aquatic Habitat (with divers) and shoreline treatment reviews
  • Recommendation, cost and management plans developed

Lake Stonebridge Sustainability Study - Horticultural Sustainability Review

Client has Certified Consultants perform a full analysis study of the landscape mulching process for the purposes of:

  • Verification of best practices
  • Depths of mulch
  • Soil compaction and structure review
  • Reporting and preparation of new mulching plan for the community