Passion Projects 

The idea of Certified Consultants Ltd. began years ago at Purdue University. The vision was simple: find a unique area of the horticultural industry that would make a huge difference and impact the lives of others. Fast forward nearly 30 years and Certified Consultants is doing just that. Through our Passion Projects we are given the opportunity to assist with the redevelopment of areas in need all across the globe. From Indianapolis, to Haiti we have impacted communities and rejoiced while maintaining the beauty of our planet. 




Latin America Ministries: Guadalajara Mexico

Published: 11/27/2016

I am currently on the airplane returning from Guadalajara, Mexico after a full week of construction, ministry, adventure and water based planning for the future.

I arrived in Guadalajara, Mexico November 12 and quickly got involved in the finishing of a first-floor apartment for Joshua and Anne Angel.They have come here to join with his parents in the development of a bible college that they hope will develop pastoral teams to plant church throughout Central America and even to the Middle East.

As part of the plan for the college not only will the students learn pastoral ministry while here but also will learn skills such as aquaponics (indoor crop and fish development), farming, and construction.The desire is to send them out to lead people to Christ and do so while living and working amongst them and side by side.

While here also I got to see a local church plant under construction in town and was able to meet the planting team. And yes! Part of the planting team also worked with us at the Bible College during the week! They had me lead a bible study on Wednesday night which I was so thankful to have been involved with.

A lot of my time was spent surveying the water use needs for the Bible college site. There is an actual college building under construction, and apartment, a house for Pastor and Mrs. Angel, a well, a pond, and a potential greenhouse. For three days I walked, measured, and calculated the water needs for the site and have sketched out a plan for water sources, raised platforms, a below ground cistern and liquid level controls.

I will be taking water to a central location into a large existing below cistern and then distributing it to the housing (3 units), a pond, greenhouse and more through gravity fed piping.

The goal is to provide a sustainable water delivery system that functions well for years to come! Andrew, Dominic and I will be completing plans in the next few weeks!

Lastly, while there I helped sketch out a three chamber septic system for the apartment a future home. Besides all that the site is on a 30' incline so WOW did I get my exercise!

I hope to return here in 6-8 months or so to continue to be part of this great work of God! So, thank you for your help both in prayer and finances! If you desire to continue walking with me as I partner with Latin America Ministries I would be greatly honored and thankful.

Africa Ministries: Kenya

Published: 11/27/16


I believe by God’s hand HE is beginning to build a strong consultant based water management ministry relationship with NMSI, starting in Kenya this January 2017.

We have been working together to develop a water filtration/purification system for individual homes in Kenya. At the same time, I will be developing an overall design of an agricultural irrigation system which will include pond design, irrigation water delivery systems and more for crop development!

My passion is to develop a long-term worldwide ministry partnership with NMSI over the next few years with their teams in over 38 countries. My hope is for myself and Certified Consultants to be a "strong right hand" so that water-based development takes place rightly.  

Our desire will be to build the vision for the BIG picture and then expand on each element further in a "step by step" thought and action process for the betterment of the site, the training of the people and a long lasting project. Hoping every day they will be reminded of our King and Savior Jesus Christ, of who he is, what he has done and what he is doing. Simply by seeing the daily results of what we are doing for the glory of God we would hope to continue to see lives changed there! 

Our first on site adventure for our two teams together is in Kenya starting January 20, 2017!

Would you consider walking along side and helping, through prayer and giving, move this vision forward in its first steps? With this hope in mind, we have set up a giving page for you on NMSI's website. This way, donations can be made towards the exploratory trip online. Checks can still be mailed in if you wish, but the web page allows you to give electronically if you prefer. You will receive an electronic copy of their receipt after giving.

Under the drop down that says, "Project_Short_Term", you should select my name, "Larry Cammarata"

OR Checks can be mailed to 2701 Cleveland Ave, Suite 200, Ft Myers, FL 33901

As you all are aware my heart is HUGE related to building water based ministries relationships with 3-4 different organization in Christian ministry worldwide. We so desire to come alongside and be the “vision builders” in taking ideas each have for sites they need water related growth and development. To heard the ideas, to build a big picture, to design and consult for the glory if God is my heart and passion!

Please prayerfully consider coming alongside our team in this adventure! Call me if desired at 317-366-7233 or email me at

Growing Still Before Him,


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