Our Perspective

Our perspective is centered on the use and management of water in our landscape environment and consists of three key elements: Aquatic Habitat Systems, Storm Water Systems, and Irrigation Systems.

Aquatic Habitat Systems

Certified Consultants supports the rethinking and redevelopment of the aquatic ecosystems throughout the site. Everything from the shoreline treatments, topography mapping, underwater habitat development, stocking plans, micro-life balances, and eco-friendly approaches to construction and management will considered. 


Storm Water Systems

We need to be sure that stormwater management, design, and practices truly integrate with the aquatic systems on site. This ensures high water qualities, the reduction of sediment infiltrations, and removing burdens on the eco-system.


Irrigation Systems

When we begin our discussions on water use, we first have to look at the water source or sources related to overall water volume requirements, water quality, and related delivery systems to the needed areas around the site.