Certified Consultants

Certified Consultants is an internationally focused horticultural sustainability and water management-consulting firm. Specializing in design, management, analysis, and training of site sustainable processes, water management systems and balanced approaches within the horticultural landscape environment. 




Increasing the varieties of native and adaptive plant material on your site can improve soil health and drastically reduce the amount of water needed.  Understanding and working with the microclimatic conditions of your site can help determine the most sustainable plant choices to enhance the natural beauty of your property. Plant variety and replacement can have a significant effect on the costs of maintenance contract. Certified Consultants horticulturist can help you maximize the long-term health of your property while minimizing your maintenance costs.


Healthy soils provide a better planet, medium, proper drainage, and more vigorous plant growth. Part of a Landscape Sustainability Audit, soil testing provides a baseline understanding of soil conditions from past chemical use and compaction concerns and points to amendments that support healthier plant material.   That long-term goal is to reduce operating costs by cutting the amount of required nitrogen, lessening the need for seasonal aeration, and creating soils that need less water to sustain more healthy turf and plants. 


The key to water savings is understanding and adapting to the horticultural needs. Putting the right amount of water in the right place at the right times will result in a more efficient use of resources.   Correct alignment and design of irrigation systems can reduce the amount of wasted water and its impact on structural elements of your property. Upgrades and improvements, coupled with annual systems can improve the longevity of your irrigation system and reduce the cyclical nature of season repairs.